The cost of data loss

Data-lossBusinesses are generating increasingly large amounts of information. Whether it is client contact details, contracts and email communications or documents, accounting information and valuable IP, the odds are that your business has large amounts of information, which if lost, would seriously jeopardise your ability to continue trading. According to a recent study by the DTI & PricewaterhouseCoopers, 7 out of 10 small business that experience a significant data loss go out of business within 12 months. How would your business fair? Small businesses are notoriously bad at putting in place reliable and automated back-up systems. Indeed many admit to having no regular back-up system in place at all. Not having a robust, reliable and automated back-up system in place is tantamount to gambling with your business' future. What's more, with the cost of back-up systems so affordable now, there is no excuse for even the smallest of businesses to not have something in place. The statistics are compelling:

  • 30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year. 70% fail within five years. (Home Office Computing Magazine)
  • 31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control. (Boston Computing Network)
  • 34% of companies fail to test their tape backups, and of those that do, 77% have found tape back-up failures. (Boston Computing Network)

So what can a small business do to ensure this doesn't happen to them? We have recently identified a simple, cost-effective solution, that keeps businesses in control of their data but gives you peace of mind that if the worst should happen, all your business' information is easily accessible offsite and ready to restore instantly. It's not cloud and it doesn't use tapes, and crucially, we take care of it all for you. So how does it work? Well without getting too technical, software takes snapshots of the files on your server throughout the day and stores them on a NAS server, a type of server specifically designed for providing terabytes of cheap disk storage, so there is no need to worry about backup capacity. To protect you from data loss if anything should occur onsite, a second NAS server is located offsite, perhaps at a branch office, at home or at CHS Networks' Kent-based data centre. The software system then automatically replicates your encrypted backup data between the sites. Finally, to make sure that the backup system is always working properly, the system is closely monitored by special software on an ongoing basis that makes sure the back ups are storing all the required data correctly. With this solution in place, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your valuable data is secure and readily accessible, should the worst happen and you need to restore it. To find out more about backup solutions and what is best for your business, contact us today on +44 (0) 1732 361 941. ?


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