Is your business prepared for the end of Windows XP?

Windows XP If you didn't know already, the end is nigh for Windows XP. After 8th April next year, Microsoft will no longer make bug fixes or security updates for Windows XP. As a result,  organisations still using Windows XP will be vulnerable to hackers and viruses and on their own in terms of code updates and fixes. Despite this, nearly 40% of business PCs are currently running Windows XP. In a recent survey, it was estimated that 1 in 7 users of Windows XP were unaware of the impeding shutdown and the resultant risks to the security of their business. Microsoft have also decided to pull the support for Office 2003 at the same, so companies still using this software will also need to look at alternatives or risk being at the mercy of hackers and viruses. The implications of the changes are huge for businesses, if they do not migrate to a supported OS and software. For smaller businesses there is still time, but for larger organisations, with a 1000 + PCs, the window has now closed for them to be able to migrate across all PCs before the April deadline. The operating system market has moved on some way since Windows XP was first launched and there are now multiple solutions available. Perhaps this is part of the problem? With the advent of the 'Cloud' and Windows 7 and 8, all credible options, understanding the right solution for your business is not easy. Windows 7 offers a familiar feel for users of Windows XP; however, with Microsoft's focus firmly behind Windows 8 and its revolutionary touch-technology integration, does it make more sense financially to future proof your investment by committing to the new technology sooner rather than later? Factor in the 'Cloud' debate and it is easy to see why IT managers and business owners are keen to put of the decision. However, a decision does have to be made and the sooner a business reviews their needs and the options available to them, the better. Anyone who has experienced the disruption and financial loss associated with handling a IT security breach will understand the importance of making a deicsion and implementing it before the 8th April deadline date. To give you a helping hand and help you identify the best solution for your business, contact CHS Networks on 0845 644 1566 or email Victoria at and we will provide you with a FREE comprehensive review of the most cost-effective options for your business.


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