Do you have a Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Do you have a Disaster Recovery Strategy? Every business owner will insure their business against Theft, Fire and Flooding - But what about your data? It is essential that your backup data is stored off site. The first priority for any backup system is to store a copy of your data on suitable media. The second priority is to store a backup of your server operating systems to avoid extended downtime and labour costs in the event of a server failure or loss. To overcome these limitations, CHS Networks Ltd offer tailored solutions to meet your business model. Our most popular solution recommends a combination of technology from QNAP and StorageCraft that allows you to back up your data and operating systems to a local storage unit, and then to replicate the backup data offsite to a second storage unit located in our data centre The Advantages:
  • The system is fully automated, no customer intervention is required.
  • Snapshots can be taken throughout the day; there will no longer be an overnight 'backup window' to adhere to.
  • Data restoration is fast and easy, no tape has to be put in the drive.
  • Years of backup history can be maintained (depending on storage capacity).
  • Completely protects the server infrastructure from any eventuality.
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