Meet The Team - Carl Pattenden

Carl - Meet the Team Q-What is the most satisfying part of your job? A- The most satisfying part of my job is being able to fix an issue onsite that can bring a business back up and running - on rare occasions our clients face issues that mean they can't do business as effectively as they would like i.e., internet is down, switch has stopped working, coming back from a power cut, etc.
Q- What would you say is your expertise? A- My expertise is troubleshooting issues and understanding the customer. An important part of our job is to be able to locate the issue that our clients are having and then being able to explain in real terms the issue and resolution to the end user Q- Have you any interesting IT facts? A- As much as this is a cliché, a reboot really does fix most issues, it gives the device a clean start clearing out any bugs that might be present. Typical examples are when your internet stops working or in certain cases where a device has become slow to use. Q- Can you remember your first ever piece of equipment you fixed? A- Yes, unfortunately, as I'm the one that broke it! It was an ICL Fujitsu PCTV and I thought it required a memory and HDD upgrade. My parents were not best pleased when they came home to find the new PC they had bought in pieces!
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