Meet The Team - Lee Clark

Meet the Team - Lee Clark Q- Can you remember your first IT related obstacle and how did you overcome it? A- I had a wireless printer that was appearing offline after it has been used, this was because every time it was turned on and off it would keep changing IP address. To resolve this issue, I set a static IP on the printer, this meant every time it was turned off and on, it would still have that same IP address.
Q-What are the highlights of your job role and why? A-The highlight of my job role is working on site 2 days a week to a support a customer, to be their first point of contact for any issues they have. I enjoy this as it gives me the chance to get hands on with any IT problems they experience. Q-When did you know you wanted to work in the IT industry and why? A-I have always been interested in different aspects of technology, so it was always a career option to keep in mind. Q-If you could provide one helpful hint / tip about topics you commonly cover for IT users what would it be? A-My one helpful tip to any IT users would be to save any work you are doing on a regular basis. By saving your work, it means it is backed up and it can be restored if lost. If it has not been saved and there is a power outage then there will be no way of getting it back.
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