Meet The Team - Craig MacPhee

Meet The Team - Craig MacPhee

Q-What was your first job role in IT?

A-I worked in the configuration department of a central London based re-seller where I built IBM PC's to the customer's specification. The first task I was given was to upgrade dozens of memory cards that bought the PC RAM up to its maximum memory of 640KB (0.6MB). This involved putting 54 memory chips onto each memory card (and 18 onto the computer's motherboard.) Each chip cost £10!

Q- If you could sum IT up in one word what would it be?


Q-Is there anyone you aspire to in the IT Industry?

A-Anyone who is competent, reliable and honest.

Q-What do you enjoy most about your Job?

A-I most enjoy the projects where we take on a new customer with an unreliable or poorly performing IT system and to be given the opportunity to put it right. I find it very satisfying to take something that is broken and to make it work properly again.
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