Meet The Team - Neil Schwemm

Meet The Team - Neil Schwemm

Q-What was your first Job role in IT?

A- [Neil Schwemm] After leaving college, I started my IT career as a database administrator for an IT recruitment consultancy in Bromley.

Q-What would you say is your expertise and why?

A- [Neil Schwemm] Somewhat rusty now on the technical side of things, I would say my expertise is understanding the IT needs of a business and how to manage customer's expectations.

Q- If you could invent something, what would it be called, what would it do/ be used for?

A- [Neil Schwemm] tPhone (to replace the iPhone) make phone calls and help me retire early.

Q- Can you remember your first IT related obstacle and how did you resolve it?

A- [Neil Schwemm] Was once asked in an interview what would be the first thing I would do if a user called up and could not access the company server, I said normally I would ask them to check that they hadn't kicked the network cable out of the back of the machine. Got the job and started on the Monday.

Q- If you could be a celebrity for the day who would it be and why?

A- [Neil Schwemm] Difficult one, most likely Roger Federer, my back hand will never be that good.

Q- Finally, do you have any helpful tips for your customers?

A- [Neil Schwemm] Delete an entire word Instead of deleting a single letter, pressing CTRL + BKSP will delete the entire word behind the cursor. This makes deleting text quicker if you screw up a whole word. Hold down the windows key and press M to close all windows on screen.

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