Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing is when you access computing services – such as servers, storage, networking, software – over the Internet (“the cloud”) from a provider like Azure.

Cloud computing platforms, such as Azure, tend to be more secure, reliable, and flexible than on-premises servers. With the cloud, equipment downtime due to maintenance, theft or damage is almost non-existent. There is no need for a dedicated area in your office to maintain equipment. You can scale your computing and storage resources – up or down – almost instantly when your needs change. Also, you typically only pay for the services you use, which provides a level of convenience and cost-control that is almost impossible to achieve with on-site infrastructure.

Azure facilitates Cloud computing with ease. We can support your Azure infrastructure and you will have the knowledge that your data is stored with an industry leader in cloud computing.


 aws logo   Amazon Web Services

As a company we always take an objective view of all our customers’ needs and requirements. As one of the largest Host providers in the market, we use AWS for bespoke and common applications including:

  • Application hosting
  • Wifi Cloud Servers
  • 3CX Hosted Phones services

If you want to hear more about Azure, AWS and our cloud solutions and offerings and how they can benefit your business, contact us today.




"'Total flexibility with cost effective monthly payments, no reduced capital expenditure on Office, Exchange and server licenses.' - IT Manager Croydon"

Researchers reveal companies have seen up to 60% in savings through migration to cloud storage