Development Consultancy

Our IT Consulting services help customers gain a comprehensive understanding of their current IT infrastructure and how it can be improved.  

We see the benefits to business process if successful, but also understand the potential disruption and cost to the business if poorly implemented. Working with customers from the very outset at vendor or software selection, through to going live, CHS Networks will be there to support you. 

Why would you need IT Consultancy?  Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, below are some of the most frequent reasons we hear: 

Overwhelming Options      Overwhelming Options 

The technology sector has, and will, continue to grow exponentially. We are an experienced, dedicated team of individuals who are committed to providing your business with best-in-class, fitting solutions for your unique situation. 


Desire to become a cloud-based business     Desire to become a cloud-based business 

Expertise in the cloud sector is vital. We will assess your current working methods and business needs to recommend the best solution for you. It’s not the best solution for every business, and we can make sure you use the right areas of cloud-based working. 


Loss of time and money     Loss of time and money 

IT problems can be a huge time waster for users. The initial investment to overhaul systems can be daunting, but the long-term benefits are revolutionary cost savings for many businesses when all factors are considered. 


       Frustrated employee’s

Aside from time and money, regular issues without resolve can make for a frustrated group of users. Modern technology is so intuitive, that we can help implement ways to not only resolve frustrations but improve the working day with simple automations and workflows.


Backup and DR planning        Backup and DR planning 

Running so much of your business online requires a stringent plan for back-ups and Disaster recovery. We work with a few data centres and trusted back-up solution providers to ensure you are safe should the worst occur. 



"CHS have provided us with an excellent, friendly service whilst setting up our new system. They have tailored our system to the needs of the company and staff, and have always been incredibly accommodating to any changes required. - Fostering Agency"

"Making the leap to ‘the cloud’ was something that seemed overwhelming - especially to the staff that were less ‘tech savvy’ and found the idea of system changes daunting. CHS worked directly with the required vendors and explained the process and it’s benefit clearly and simply. With their expertise (and patience) the move was a complete success!"