Cyber Security

By working with leading software vendors, we have developed comprehensive monitoring software and services to ensure your network is performing optimally, and in good health; always. Monitoring also allows us to be proactive in our approach to maintenance and support.  

Our security services include: 

24/7 Network Monitoring & Maintenance   24/7 Network Monitoring & Maintenance  

Networks are the building blocks for all IT systems. After our initial Audit of your system, the ongoing maintenance and protection of these systems is key. Our monitoring team, with the help of state-of-the-art software, keep eyes on servers and all infrastructure to ensure proactive and reactive responses to any events. 


Cyber Essentials Certification   Cyber Essentials Certification 

Our customers can request a Cyber Essentials accreditation. Cyber Essentials is a third-party accreditation that is renewed yearly. It demonstrates to others that your internal systems are compliant, secure, and all data and personal information is sufficiently protected. Care providers, the education sector and those whose work involves the Military or Government construction contracts often require this accreditation. Please refer to the National Cyber Security Centre for more information. 

Antivirus & Firewall   Antivirus & Firewall  

We deploy our preferred antivirus to all machines on your network. We offer training programmes to educate internal staff, as well as enhanced DNS protection. A firewall monitors and controls all network traffic using predetermined security rules. This provides the barrier for prevention of access from untrusted networks. Without these key players, your network will be at daily risk. 


Microsoft Intune   Microsoft Intune 

Most businesses are making use of the Microsoft 365 platform. With the emergence of social media and the use of smart phones for working with business data, IT security is more important than ever before. Intune, available on some 365 licencing options or as an additional licenceprovides encryption of your company data. Data can also be wiped, and permission and settings can be remotely controlled.  


Remote working Securely   Remote working Securely 

We can facilitate and enhance the process of remote working, using secure VPN tunnels and Remote or Virtual desktop sessions, controlling access to your system, and recommending the best practices for your staff. We recommend using business owned devices, to be sure no personal, unprotected equipment is connected to your network. If you want to improve your remote working methods, get in touch today. 


TFA (Two Factor Authentication)   MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) 

The deployment of MFA by most software providers speaks volumes. If you can turn on MFA, you should. It is a hugely beneficial security feature, and we can deploy this across your business. 


Disaster Recover & Business Continuity   Disaster Recover & Business Continuity 

Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Being without a Disaster recovery plan puts your entire business at severe risk. Could you afford to lose vast portions of your company data should your system be compromised? The likely answer is no. We can design and implement a secure Disaster recovery plan, using on and offsite, secure backups. 


Cyber attack graphic 

Has your company ever been a victim of cyber theft or malicious activity? 

Organised criminals are releasing increasingly sophisticated software. Ensuring your organisation has the correct hardware and software can combat the ever-increasing threat of cybercrime to UK businesses. Thanks to our extensive products and knowledge gained over years of experience working in IT security, we can advise your business how to deal with this digital threat, as well as educate users to operate safely day to day. 


"CHS Networks identified and rectified problems with our network allowing our systems to operate as they should. - Print South East"

"The immediate response to a potential email phishing attack was brilliant. Everyone had new passwords in a matter of minutes, and the network was secured."

Did you know:
Ransomware attacks increased by 130% in 2020 - Ransomware figures for 2020 include: 199.7 million ransomware attacks were reported in Q3 2020, an increase of 40% on Q3 2019